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Job hunting tips for mature workers

Mature worker

Mature workers have a lot of offer employers. Here are some tips to help you highlight your skills and experience. 

Ryan finds his place working with water

Career path water treatment operator heading

Ryan Young wanted to work with his hands but didn’t see a future for himself as a builder. Then he discovered the water industry.

Job of the month – plasterer

Job of the month

Download an infographic exploring key facts about plasterers to share with your clients and students.

How employers can influence tech sector training

Dev Academy Documentary

Employers can help IT graduates into jobs by working with tech schools.

Fire lights the way to engineer’s future

Fire Engineer Career Path Header

Taking part in a firefighting open day made Angela Fearnley rethink her career options.

Break the barriers stopping your career goals

Engineer stands in front of construction site

Guidance on breaking the common barriers to changing careers. 

Job of the month – data analyst

Job of the month

Download an infographic exploring key facts about data analysts to share with your clients and students.

Dogs that help people have jobs

Labrador Eevi working as a guide dog

Find out how dogs work hard so that people can go to work and do their jobs.

Returning to teaching has never been easier or cheaper

student and teacher high five iStock 460507658

Now is the perfect time to return to teaching.

Get ready to catch those new year job opportunities

New year fresh start image

Here are some job hunting tips for finding yourself a new job this year.