Know Your Skills and Know Your CV

Know Your Skills and Know Your CV are two online learning modules designed to support young people preparing for the world of work. This guide will help you to help others get the most out of the modules. (Please note that we are replacing these modules with two videos that contain the same information. However, the old modules are available for use here for a limited time).

Know Your Skills helps young people identify their skills and present these to potential employers. It is activity-based, using quizzes, video and audio to guide young people through the process of understanding what skills are, recognising their unique skills, and learning how to demonstrate these to a future employer.

Know Your CV helps young people understand what makes an effective CV and cover letter. It uses video and exercises to show what goes into a CV and how to tailor one to fit a job.

Teacher and facilitator guides are available to download below. These suggest ways you can help support others using the module, either in a group setting or with individuals.

Downloadable components

Updated 21 Mar 2017